LSU currently leads the nation in assistant salary pool, something that Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards apparently doesn’t take pride in.

Edwards recently spoke out against the escalating price tag that comes with a college coaching staff in today’s world of college football. The Tigers raised eyebrows this offseason by announcing a four-year, $10 million guaranteed contract for defensive coordinator Dave Aranda. That figure represents the most guaranteed money ever pledged to an assistant coach in college football.

According to Ross Dellenger of The Advocate, Edwards wants to see a cap put on salary pool allotted to college coaching staffs.

“I do think that there has to be some look nationally at some sort of salary caps for the organizations,” Edwards said. “This is an arms race, and it’s gotten out of control. Some of the salaries and buyouts are obscene, and they can create all sorts of problems.”

It’s important to note that Louisiana’s tax dollars are not used to pay the salary of the LSU coaching staff. The school’s athletic department raises the funds privately. According to Dellenger, LSU paid out $9.4 million to coaches in the last year, including buyout money for recently dismissed coaches Les Miles and Matt Canada.

Edwards is well aware that the taxpayer isn’t footing the bill for LSU but is concerned with the image these salary figures have on the public. Louisiana has been facing a crisis of sorts in recent years when it comes to public funding.

How that’s LSU’s issue remains to be seen but until a mandatory cap is put into place for every school, you can be sure that the SEC will be the last football conference to place any limit on the compensation its coaches receiving.