Odell Beckham Jr. making headlines for multiple reasons at the national championship game could lead to potential policy changes at College Football Playoff games.

Beckham, a former LSU standout, had a sideline pass for Monday night’s national championship game in New Orleans. After Ed Orgeron’s squad defeated Clemson 42-25, video of Beckham handing money to Tigers players went viral. Via spokespeople, LSU initially suggested Beckham handed out novelty bills, but after Joe Burrow implied Beckham handed out real money, the program issued another statement saying it was looking to rectify the situation.

Now, Beckham is also in trouble with the law for allegedly slapping a police officer on the butt, which was documented on a live video streamed from the LSU locker room. The New Orleans Police Department has obtained a warrant for the arrest of Beckham. The NFL wide receiver’s sideline and locker room access may lead to the CFP changing its policy regarding guest passes.

“Being on the sidelines is a privilege,” CFP executive director Bill Hancock told Thomas O’Toole of USA TODAY Sports. “Along with any privilege comes responsibility, because the focus should be on the people playing and coaching in the game, rather than on any visitors. The CFP will be reviewing its policy for allowing guests onto the sidelines and into locker rooms at future games.”

O’Toole notes that schools are traditionally allowed to grant guest sideline passes for celebrities and former players. It sounds like that could be changing for future Playoff games.