Cris Collinsworth has enjoyed watching his former team, the Cincinnati Bengals, make the playoffs, and win the franchise’s first playoff game last week since 1991. The Bengals are powered by the swagger of former LSU stars Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase, among others.

Collinsworth, the NBC Sports analyst, spoke to Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski on Coach K’s show on Sirius XM.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like what this young group of players is,” Collinsworth said. “Ja’Marr, Joe Burrow and Joe Mixon and I don’t know if you had one of those baby teams. That just comes in every single day wide-eyed, but so confident that they just can’t understand why they wouldn’t win, and that’s what this team is. ‘Like why would we not win? We won the national championship with this core group, we beat the Alabamas, we beat everybody along the way.'”

Collinsworth then recalled a story about legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus, and his transition to the senior tour.

“I’ve been beating these guys my whole life, why wouldn’t I keep beating them now,” he recalled Nicklaus saying. “I think that’s the way Joe Burrow looks at this thing. I really do.”

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