This offseason, LSU DC Dave Aranda was heavily pursued by Texas A&M, as the Aggies wanted him to join Jimbo Fisher’s new staff as the defensive coordinator.

Aranda ultimately decided to remain at LSU, where he is still the highest-paid coordinator in the country, earning himself a 4-year contract worth $2.5 million per year.

On Thursday at the LSU Football Caravan, Aranda explained why he spurned the Aggies’ offer, saying his 13- and 11-year-old daughters made it clear they wanted to stay in Baton Rouge (via

“This was the first time in our lives the girls especially were pretty vocal about wanting to stay and be, and I appreciate that,” Aranda said.

That wasn’t the only factor, though, as the defensive coordinator added that he respects coach Ed Orgeron and likes the job Coach O is doing with the Tigers:

“I have so much respect for Coach O, and I mean that in the way he handles the team,” he said. “The team loves him.”

The pressure will be on Coach O, Aranda and the Tigers this fall, as they need to prove they can hang with Alabama and Auburn, and also stay ahead of rising powers like Mississippi State and Texas A&M in the brutal SEC West.

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