The NCAA announced a couple of changes to the targeting rule on Tuesday, and it has been met with mixed reviews so far.

First of all, targeting calls will no longer be able to “stand as called” upon review, forcing refs to say definitively whether it was a targeting call or not. Secondly, if a player accrues three targeting penalties in one season, he’ll be suspended for a full game.

On Tuesday, former LSU LB Devin White weighed in on the changes, saying he thinks there’s still some room for things to get better with regards to targeting (via

“I think they need to clear up a lot with the targeting call because my call, it could have went either way, it just depends at what angle you looked at,” White said. “The ref went over there and he confirmed it so fast like he didn’t even really look at the tape, I know. I feel like they should come another way about it because the next week we had the University of Alabama on the schedule and that was the No. 1 team in the country. And what’s a defense, what’s a team, without their emotional leader? What’s a defense without their middle linebacker, the quarterback? That really played kind of played a part in us not playing as well.

“That just to shows you that one bad call can change a team’s season. It was emotionally — it was hard, it was tough for me to deal with but me being the great person that I am I dealt with it, I overcame it, I got the next person behind me ready to play and when I got back in I did what I had to do. Unfortunately, we didn’t win but it was a moment where I had to learn and it defined me as a person and showed you my character and showed you what type of leader I was. NCAA, if you’re watching this yes, please fix targeting calls because it is straight chaos and it’s not good.”

White was suspended for the first half against Alabama last year, prompting fans to put up a billboard in Birmingham. It will be interesting to see how situations like that call are handled under these new rules.