The world lost a great one last year when Tom Petty passed away. The Gainesville native and former UF groundskeeper was beloved by many and after his passing, Florida decided to honor the rock legend by playing his music at every home game following his passing.

Turns out, even LSU loves them some Tom Petty.

During his Monday media availability, Ed Orgeron was asked about LSU’s unique situation of playing back-to-back away games in consecutive seasons in Gainesville. Aside from the hot weather, the thing that stood out to Orgeron the most was his team’s leadership and resiliency — which was in part aided by the Tom Petty music played in Gainesville.

Heading into the game last season, Florida was 3-1 after winning three consecutive games, while LSU was 3-2 and coming off the home loss to Troy.

“I remember the heat. I remember telling Coach Jenkins to go easy, I was afraid he was going to pass out it was so hot,” Orgeron said on Monday. “But I remember that and then I remember the leadership on our football team came through that day. I remember them missing the extra point and guys like Rashard Lawrence and Devin White saying we’re going to win this football game regardless. So those are the things, hard-fought battle.

“I remember on the start of the fourth quarter they are playing the Hey, baby there ain’t no easy way out, we won’t back down by Tom Petty. And I thought it was a tremendous time for our football team because we were singing it too. And it’s going to be a battle, it’s going to be a war, it’s going to take sixty minutes, this is a rivalry game, it comes down to one play or two, so those are the things I remember.”

Turns out there is at least one thing that can cool the animosity of this rivalry, and that’s a classic Tom Petty tune.

Here’s the scene from Gainesville last October when LSU made the trip to the Swamp and came away with a 17-16 win: