Every rivalry brings a little different flavor, and LSU coach Ed Orgeron admitted on Wednesday when he learned what makes the LSU-Florida rivalry special.

On the SEC media teleconference this week, Orgeron recalled his first game against Florida in 2015. That was when K Trent Domingue scored on a touchdown off of a fake field goal attempt as LSU’s only scoring play of the second half, in LSU’s 35-28 win.

“Loved the atmosphere, lead up to the game, it was my first UF game,” Orgeron said. “Didn’t know much about the rivalry before that one, the players informed me of it leading up to it.”

This week’s game will be at night, and Orgeron is well aware of the advantage for LSU in Tiger Stadium.

“Much louder, a little magic at night when you walk in with intimidation,” he said, “it’s very hard for the opposing team, especially on third down, it can be an intimidating factor.”

Orgeron added that LB Ray Thornton is back and available this week.

Here are Orgeron’s other comments:

  • On Joe Burrow last week: “He did a good job, when you drop 8, you have to work through it, work through his reads… not a lot of zones that will be open so you have to pick and choose.”
  • On the balance of LSU’s offense: “We want to be 50/50 in the number of runs and number of passes and Steve (Ensminger) has done a tremendous job calling the game… but sometimes it comes down to what the defense is giving you.”
  • On recruiting Rashard Lawrence: “Big battle, he was a must-get. Spent time with his family, big LA guy, North LA from Monroe. It came down to us and Ohio State and glad to have him.”
  • On Lawrence and Michael Divinity starting? “D is a little farther along, I could see him starting… Lawrence, I believe he will play but whether he starts or not, I do not know.”