After becoming one of the nation’s best receivers at Texas Tech in 2016, Jonathan Giles has not found the same success at LSU.

In fact, through six games, he’s only made seven catches for 32 yards and no touchdowns. For a guy who was given the special No. 7 jersey before the season, those aren’t very good numbers.

Per a transcript from a Monday’s press conference, coach Ed Orgeron said he encouraged Giles to switch jersey numbers ahead of the loss at Florida to take pressure off of him:

What was kind of I guess the process for what went into Jonathan Giles changing his number last week?
ED ORGERON: I went to him, asked him if it was too much pressure. He said no. I said, well how about you change it up. What’s your favorite number? I said I got these numbers available. He said, coach, I’ll wear 12. I was thinking it took the pressure off him.

How did Giles respond? He had three catches for 12 yards. Those were both season highs, but still not exactly what LSU was hoping for.

We’ll see if someone else takes over the No. 7 jersey or if Giles will eventually earn it back.