This is a crucial year for Ed Orgeron.

The Tigers head coach is a combined 15-6 over two full seasons, and things get much tougher in 2018.

Orgeron hired Steve Ensminger as the Tigers’ new OC to jumpstart the QB play and offensive production. No doubt LSU will put an elite product together on defense under Dave Aranda. Even with improvements, though, the fact remains that LSU just has a brutal schedule. In the month of September alone, the Tigers face Miami, Auburn and Ole Miss. Along with playing the usual SEC West gauntlet, LSU also plays eastern division programs Florida (annually) and Georgia (rotation).

It’s imperative to get off to a strong start, but what if things don’t go as planned? Paul Finebaum joined WJOX 94.5 on Monday morning to discuss the Tigers’ head coach and tough schedule.

“Well, I think it depends on the beginning of the season,” Finebaum said. “I think everyone knows the schedule. Miami first and then Auburn third. I think the question then becomes, ‘Should LSU lose both of those, can you even get a thermometer to measure the hot seat?’ Because I think you could start seeing similarities to what we had two years ago when Les Miles lost the first game against Wisconsin.”

Could Orgeron survive a 7-5 season? Finebaum seems to think so, indicating it would take a complete disaster for LSU to make a change this year.

“I don’t know the political dynamics there between Joe Alleva, the board, everyone else and Ed Orgeron. I think Joe Alleva the athletic director is a big supporter his, but Jeff Long was a big supporter of Bret Bielema. What you hear in July often means nothing during the football season if things don’t go well.

“I do know this about Orgeron — he’s an inspirational coach, players love him, the fans love him; it will take a disaster to get rid of him. Seven and five or 8-4 may not do it. I think the only way the he will be gone quickly is if the season implodes before the first day of Autumn.”