Ed Orgeron is about as familiar with Clemson as he could be a team that’s not on his schedule, or in the same conference as LSU. After all, star RB Travis Etienne is from Louisiana, and Orgeron said he’s been able to watch the orange Tigers on television throughout the season.

“Athletes, speed, scheme,” Orgeron said on a media teleconference ahead of the national championship to summarize Clemson. “Their receivers are big and tall and athletic, fantastic. Etienne is one of the best backs we’ll see all year. Louisiana product, outstanding young man. I tried to recruit him at the end, very fast. Again, he made two explosive plays to help against Ohio State. He’s a prolific rusher, one of the best rushers in Clemson history, scores a bunch of touchdowns, very fast.”

Of course, that offense starts with QB Trevor Lawrence.

“He’s a winner, 25-0 and hasn’t been beat yet. That tells you a lot about him,” Orgeron said. “Just watched the film, watched several games this morning, three or four games the last couple of days. The way he takes command, the way he takes charge, obviously, the RPOs, his reads are right on it, has a strong arm. But his ability to run, he surprised me. I haven’t played against Clemson, haven’t studied them, but his ability to tuck the ball and leaves his arms up front, he is an outstanding runner, makes some big time plays in big time ball games and for a big chunk of yards. Obviously, he made some big gains against Ohio State, which helped them win the game.”

Orgeron is familiar with Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables, who Orgeron said has shown the ability to adjust against the different offenses, and “their defensive line is quick and strong, can rush the passer, his blitzes are phenomenal.”

It’s good for college football, in Orgeron’s mind.

“So I think it’s a great matchup,” he said. “When you get to the championship game, you’re going to play against a team with some great coaches. You’ve got a team with some great players, and that’s what we have.”