A proposed change to the College Football Playoff sent shockwaves through the sport this week, and coaches across the SEC are adapting to the expected shift to the postseason.

A CFP working group officially recommended on Thursday an expansion from four to 12 teams. LSU’s Ed Orgeron was a guest on ESPN Radio’s “Marty & McGee” and said expansion “inevitable,” but he is fine with a change that helps the Tigers reach the playoff.

“I think it’s coming,” Orgeron said. “Here’s what I’ve learned: As the older you get, you have to adapt. This game is changing, recruiting is changing, things are changing fast. We just have to adapt. Hey, if they expand, then good. It gives us a chance to get in. Have to play more games, but you have to adapt. I think it’s going that way … they get us into the playoffs, I’m going to be happy.”

Orgeron was then asked about the changing landscape of college football that includes name, image and likeness laws around the country, and the transfer portal among issues to keep up with while coaching.

“My Dad used to teach me, ‘Duck and dive, son, just keep on going,'” Orgeron said. “You got to keep on going, you’ve got to adjust. You’re going to take some blows, you’re going to get some blows, you’ve got to keep on going.”

Orgeron said LSU is still in a fertile area of recruiting, and most of the Tigers’ best players come from Louisiana. Orgeron said it’s almost like free agency in the NFL as they have roster management meetings almost daily.