Some of the best wide receivers in the country are set to play in the LSU-Alabama game on Saturday, and LSU measures up quite well in that category, according to coach Ed Orgeron.

“We have that matchup every day,” Orgeron said on the SEC media teleconference. “Ja’Marr Chase and (DB Derek) Stingley get after it… they play the ball well… they are confident and they see great wide receivers every day, I’m sure that helps them, too.”

Orgeron also commented on QB Joe Burrow’s toughness and if he was hurt last year against Alabama. Burrow is a leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy this season.

“Joe is a competitor, he is one of the toughest players I’ve seen… he will play with any injury that allows him to play,” Orgeron said, and added it was something happened in practice, slight separation, nothing major.”

Will the Heisman race be decided in this game?

“Sure, I could see that. It’s not the focus but being a part of four Heisman winners… I think it puts you on a national stage and I think it helps,” Orgeron said. “Two Heisman candidates here, the winner should have a good chance to win it.”

Do you talk with Burrow about the Heisman?

“We don’t talk about it… he is very unselfish, he just wants his team to win,” Orgeron said.

Here’s what else Orgeron said on the call:

  • Have you ever had the President at one of your games? no, I’ve never had a President come to the game.
    thoughts on President being at the game? when I was at Arkansas, I was waiting for Clinton to come but he never came! I think it’s good, I hope he sits in the middle and cheers for both sides.
  • You don’t think he should cheer for LSU? I will welcome it but I don’t think the president should cheer for either side, he should be mutual. He should be right down the middle.
  • On Najee Harris: he is a bruising back. very well-coached, great size, great speed and vision. when he hits the hole, he does it with speed… gets a lot of yards after contact… probably the best RB we will face this year.
  • On health and nutritional and drug tests: it’s huge, we talk about it. We talk about it a bunch, we have educational talks with them… there is penalities, there are consequences for failed drug tests. Rehab, I’ve driven several of my players to rehab. there are always rules to follow.
  • On Waddell is he is the best punt returner you’ve seen this season? he is fantastic. he is phenomenal, he has wiggle, great WR, great with the ball in his hands, he is the best we will see (as far as punt returners)

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