With 3 games left in the season, LSU is still trying to figure out who’s the best quarterback for the 2021 team.

Max Johnson has gotten most of the work this season, but Garrett Nussmeier has gotten more reps and playing time as of late as well. Bot are expected to play on Saturday against Arkansas.

On Wednesday during the SEC coaches teleconference, LSU coach Ed Orgeron was asked about the QB situation

“There’s definitely a competition. … Both of them did well,” Orgeron said. “It’s going to come down to we’re going to put them in the game, and we’re going to see which one plays better in the game.”

As for the quarterback on the other side this weekend, that will be no mystery, as the Razorbacks’ KJ Jefferson has been outstanding all season.

“When he took over, he was young,” said Orgeron of Jefferson. “You could tell he was a great athlete. He looked like a big defensive end back there. … Now he can throw the ball, run the ball. … He’s a very impressive player. The way he’s operating and throwing the ball. I always knew he could run the ball. … It’s not hard, find Treylon Burks. He’s a great player.”

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