Ahead of the Week 14 games, the College Football Playoff selection committee switched up the rankings, moving Ohio State to No. 1 and dropping LSU to No. 2. ESPN’s Mike Greenberg says the committee needs to reverse that move heading into conference championship weekend.

Greenberg believes it all comes down to resume.

“Ohio State may well be the best team in the country. Or maybe Clemson is. But that shouldn’t matter,” the ESPN host tweeted. “What LSU has accomplished this season is greater. That is what sports are supposed to be about. LSU should be number one until they lose a game.”

LSU’s offense has broken numerous team and conference records along the Tigers’ march to 12-0, which included wins over Texas, Florida, Alabama, Auburn and Texas A&M. Some media members have openly speculated the Tigers were dropped to No. 2 to try to prevent a postseason rematch with Alabama. Before UA’s Iron Bowl, the Crimson Tide were at No. 5 and figured to be in position to slide into No. 4 after conference championship weekend. Ohio State beat No. 10 Michigan on Saturday (56-27), a win more impressive (to most) than LSU’s 50-7 blowout of unranked Texas A&M.

If the Tigers move back up to No. 1, there may have been something to the “rematch theory,” or the committee members agree with Greeny.