Brian Kelly to LSU is the move folks can’t stop talking about. There have been several in this coaching cycle that caused reverberations throughout the sport, but maybe there hasn’t been a bigger one than the Notre Dame coach abruptly jumping ship to take the LSU job.

Kelly has already talked about winning national championships with the Tigers, and that’ll undoubtedly be the standard by which he’s judged.

In that sense, whether the longtime coach from a Catholic school up north can fit culturally with the Bayou might not matter quite so much. ESPN’s Tom Hart was on the McElroy & Cubelic in the Morning radio show Wednesday to talk about exactly that.

“In the end, I’m not surprised in that it’s obvious some of the candidates LSU was looking at were taken off the board,” Hart said. “Scott Woodward was not going to go down without a splashy hire, so he was going to do whatever was in his power to make that hire. By the way, do we know, did Brian Kelly even interview for that job? Or was it just, ‘Hey, do you want it? It’s yours.’ The timeline to me suggests it was fast-tracked.

“… I’ve heard from LSU fans and folks in Baton Rouge who have asked, ‘Is this a fit? Is he a fit for Lousiana? Is he a fit from a culture perspective?’ Here’s my answer: if the dude wins, he’s a fit. That’s all that matters. Now, when you stop winning or you have a hiccup or a speedbump and you’re not ‘one of them’ or you have culture differences or you have rubbed people the wrong way a la Dan Mullen, who obviously rubbed people the wrong way in Gainesville, then you no longer get the benefit of the doubt. But they’re bringing him in to win a national championship. My guess is he probably does it by Year 4. … Given the recruiting draw that LSU has and the expectations, I would be shocked if LSU doesn’t have one in the next 4 seasons.”

The last 3 coaches for the Tigers have all won national championships. Ed Orgeron, the man Kelly replaces, won a title in his 3rd full season in charge. So did Les Miles. It took Nick Saban longer, though still just 4 seasons into his tenure.