Former LSU CB Donte Jackson is on the receiving end of some social media heat after tipping only $5 on a $120 bill at a New Orleans restaurant.

A Twitter user identifying herself as Tyler Hover tweeted a photo of Jackson’s receipt with the $5 tip, tagging the former Tiger who recently signed a four-year, $4.8 million-deal with the Carolina Panthers.

“You can’t even tip 10%,” Hover wrote in her tweet. “I just wanna know if my service was bad honestly.” She appeared to find some humor in the fact Jackson made a smiley face out of the “5.00” written in the tip area.

According to Tiger Droppings, Jackson responded by saying, “You got 5 more dollars then you had be grateful,” in a tweet which has since been deleted.

Jackson isn’t the first millionaire professional athlete to be called out for a low-percentage tip (roughly four percent in this case) and almost certainly won’t be the last. As one might expect, other Twitter users are joining Hover in calling him out.

As a rookie, Jackson has plenty to learn about life in the NFL. It appears tipping norms is one of those things.