The expectations for any player coming off an All-American season are off the charts, but in Baton Rouge when a player dons the No. 7 jersey, things get taken to another level.

Jonathan Giles knows all about that as the LSU receiver gave the number up midseason last fall after failing to live up to the massive expectations that can burden a player that wears the number in Baton Rouge. There won’t be any concern of that happening this fall at LSU as the number will be worn by the Tigers’ standout defensive back Grant Delpit.

In fact, Delpit confirmed that he approached Ed Orgeron this offseason regarding his desire to wear the No. 7 jersey this fall. Why did he do it? It wasn’t to call attention to himself, but instead, it was about paying respect to the coveted LSU jersey and those that wore it in the past.

“Just trying to do right by the number, keep it alive, do right by everybody that wore it before me,” Delpit explained on Tuesday when asked why he wanted the No. 7. “Leonard (Fournette) was just outside congratulating me about it. It’s a huge honor that I’m excited for.”

According to Delpit, the players he aspired to one day become all wore the jersey and getting to wear it next fall will be special to the Houston native.

“It was very humbling, just seeing and remembering all the guys that wore that number before me,” Delpit added. “I grew up watching those guys, it was definitely a humbling moment for me. Me and my family are very excited for it. Just watching what those guys did before me in the purple and gold, I just hopefully get to continue that.”

The junior defensive back also respected that fact that more responsibility comes with wearing No. 7 at LSU but clearly isn’t fazed but the honor that comes with donning the number heading into spring practice.

“It’s big shoes to fill. It comes with publicity, all the accolades, and all that stuff so just trying to step in those shoes and just continue what I have been doing, honestly. It’s not really a big change for me,” he said.