Few predicted Greedy Williams would still be on the board when Day 2 of the 2019 NFL Draft began but that’s exactly what happened this time last week.

While Williams may not have been happy with his drop at the time, NFL careers are often defined by where players begin their careers and the former standout LSU defensive back could not have found many options as desirable as Cleveland. The Browns drafted Williams in Round 2 and likely expect the former Tiger to play immediately next season for a team many are projecting as a playoff team in 2019.

If he does see the field early, NFL teams are likely to test Williams’ tackling ability. Many have argued that is a weakness of his game and explained his availability into Round 2 after he left school early. During a recent interview with the NFL Network, Williams pushed back against the narrative, stating that he wasn’t asked to tackle in LSU’s defensive scheme.

“If you study the game film, I was mostly a man corner. At LSU, I did my job. Tackling wasn’t a big thing they wanted me to do, they wanted me to cover,” Williams explained. “So I wasn’t able to showcase my tackling ability but now that I’m here, I can work man, zone, anything. So I’m able to just prove that I’m a good tackler.”

In addition to that topic, Williams was asked to share the reaction in Cleveland when he made a Super Bowl prediction after the Browns drafted him.

“John Dorsey he just told me less talk, more work,” Williams joked.

If he and his new Cleveland teammates listen to that advice, a trip to the Super Bowl may not be out of the question for one of the most talented rosters in the NFL looking ahead to the 2019 season.