LSU QB Joe Burrow has had a record-setting day for the Tigers as they ran away from Mississippi State in a rout. However, Burrow showed America another side to him that does not show up in the box score.

During a sack in the second half, Burrow was pantsed by a State defender, a play that CBS commentators Brad Nessler and Gary Danielson poked fun at on the broadcast.

“I’ve got to take the sack,” Nessler said.

Added Danielson, “Because if you run forward, you’re going to be really embarrassed.”

There were a host of jokes following the play, including, “this is a family show, CBS” and “My wife called it the crack sack!”

It was a memorable game for Burrow in other ways. He made scored his 29th passing touchdown this season, which has never been done in a single season at LSU. He is also responsible for 31 touchdowns, which has also never been done at LSU.