For an NFL season that has already been full of insane storylines — the Dolphins seemingly tanking, quarterbacks going down like flies, Gardner Minshew’s mustache mania –, it isn’t surprising that the New York Jets would get involved again after a 23-3 loss on Monday Night Football to the Cleveland Browns.

Former LSU and current Jets safety Jamal Adams might be the latest player who is wanting to be traded from his current team … at least if you consider the fact that he unfollowed the Jets on Instagram as a sign that he wants out.

As points out, Adams, who isn’t really the shyest of guys when it comes to letting his feelings be known, is still following the AFC East team on Twitter yet removed the team from his bio on Instagram.

Adams still has pictures of him in a Jets uniform in his feed and, well, this could turn out to mean absolutely nothing. Still, with everything that has gone on in the league, it might mean everything.