LSU coach Joe Brady may have won the Broyles Award on Tuesday, but he has decided to share the honor with fellow Tigers offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger.

“This award should say Joe Brady/Steve Ensminger,” Brady said. “I’m only at LSU because of Steve Ensminger. I’ll never forget that …

“There is not a greater person to work for than Steve Ensminger, and there is not a greater person that cares more about LSU and the success of this program. He doesn’t want to take credit for anything. I’m so grateful for Steve, and I hope to be him one day.”

The Broyles Award usually goes to coordinators, but Brady’s impact in just one season on LSU’s passing game made him the obvious choice for the honor. Brady currently serves as the passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach at LSU.

Under his tutelage, Tigers quarterback Joe Burrow has experienced an historic season, throwing for 4,715 passing yards, 48 touchdowns and six interceptions. He’s averaged 10.7 yards per attempt and posted a 77.9 completion percentage in 13 games this season.

Ensminger has served as LSU’s offensive coordinator the last two seasons. He’s been on the LSU coaching staff since 2010.

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