Joe Burrow is likely to become the first pick in the upcoming NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Last month, ESPN’s Adam Schefter basically guaranteed the Bengals will take Burrow, as opposed to drafting someone else or trading the pick. Burrow’s rise to prominence in 2019 are what Disney movies are made of, and the Heisman Trophy winner is about to be a very rich man.

However, don’t think that Burrow will buy an expensive house or a sports car with his first NFL check. TMZ Sports caught up with Burrow at the Super Bowl, and the former LSU quarterback explained his first big spend.

“Personal chef,” Burrow explained smiling. “I’m a healthy eater, so whatever he or she can make that tastes good and keeps me shredded.

“[His personal chef] has to be able to make good steak,” Burrow further explained on the requirement for the job.

Last year, Kyler Murray signed about a $35 million contract, which included a $23 million signing bonus. Let’s just say that he’ll have his pick on whoever he wants as his personal chef.

Burrow’s life is certainly about to change; however, he’s basically investing in himself with the first check.