For every elite five-star prospect out there that college programs are beating down the door to land, there are thousands of relatively unknown prospects just looking for a little exposure from those same programs.

Just ask Joe Burrow.

The Athens, Ohio native had to work hard to get on Ohio State’s radar and likely would not have even made the team if not for former offensive coordinator Tom Herman, who fought to get the Ohio native a scholarship in Columbus. While Urban Meyer may have been tough to convince at first, eventually he relented and offered Burrow a full ride to Ohio State, something Nebraska notably would not do.

After Burrow won the 2019 Heisman Trophy in a landslide, former recruiting analyst Dave Berk shared a direct message the LSU quarterback had sent him years ago. Burrow was just a high school kid looking for some exposure.

While it would take years to get it, Burrow finally has all the exposure he could ask for after leading the Tigers to a 13-0 record and its first College Football Playoff appearance.

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