LSU QB Joe Burrow and his father have had a special bond for a long time, and it’s largely marked by Jimmy Burrow being a football coach for many years. In fact, during a recent interview, Holly Rowe of ESPN noted that he retired last year after 14 years being the defensive coordinator at Ohio.

Jimmy Burrow shared some insight into the family dynamic and what this season has meant to him to be able to travel to the games and watch his son. He plans to drive to Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Friday and pick up his wife at the airport ahead the LSU-Alabama game on Saturday.

“It was a great run and I loved being with Coach (Frank) Solich,” Jimmy Burrow said about his decision to retire in order to watch Joe.

Jimmy Burrow said his son went to LSU to play in big games like this one on Saturday.

“He’s ready to go, and as I said, he went to LSU to be able to play in national championship-type games and that’s what we have Saturday,” Jimmy Burrow said.

He added that the evolution of the spread offense is what Joe does best.

“He did it in high school and it’s been a big reason they’re having the success they are,” he said.