Joey Galloway didn’t waste any time reacting to Tennessee’s upset loss to South Carolina Saturday night, and quickly pointed to which team benefits the most.

“LSU is ecstatic right now,” Galloway said on “College Football Final.” “Because LSU was ranked behind Tennessee. Tennessee went on the road, beat LSU, 40-13. So the question was, should LSU happen to win out, how do they put them above a Tennessee team that beat them at home the way they beat them. So now LSU has to be really excited with Tennessee out of the way.”

Dan Mullen also addressed the development.

“I think the loser of next week’s Ohio State-Michigan game, because they didn’t have the strength of schedule and they were looking, whoever lost that game was going to have a hard time staying in front of Tennessee with their quality wins, strength of schedule, what Tennessee had on their resume, now that opens up the door to whoever that ends up being, that non-conference champion that gets in.”

Galloway also added that the Pac-12 benefits, too.