Les Miles, through his attorney, has issued a strong statement after being named in a $50 million lawsuit filed by LSU associate athletic director of football recruiting Sharon Lewis.

The attorney for the recently fired Kansas coach issued a statement on behalf of his client to several media outlets (including WAFB) Wednesday:

“This lawsuit is a work of fiction eight years in the making. The manner in which Ms. Lewis and her counsel have slowly rolled out this lawsuit is telling, culminating in her counsel holding a press conference rather than having the pleading speak for itself and pronouncing that the lawsuit is for “other women,” implicitly acknowledging that the named plaintiff is a deeply flawed party without a valid claim. Les Miles has no liability in this matter, the accusations against him are false and meritless, and he will be responding by bringing his own claims addressing Ms. Lewis’ malicious and false accusations.”

The details and background of the lawsuit are covered in an in-depth report totaling nearly 4,000 words by USA TODAY’s Kenny Jacoby.

Austin Kemker of WAFB shared some of the takeaway points from the suit on Twitter: