Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know by now that LSU coach Will Wade has been suspended for allegedly being caught on an FBI wiretap discussing paying for a player to come to LSU.

There have been many takes issued about the situation, but one of the biggest critics of Wade and the Tigers has been ESPN broadcaster Dick Vitale.

As you can see below, Dickie V sent a scathing tweet on Saturday, ripping LSU fans who are supporting Wade, who he says has “disgraced” the LSU program:

On Tuesday, former LSU baseball star (and, interestingly enough, a fellow ESPN employee) Ben McDonald responded to Vitale, calling him out for being a hypocrite and telling him to pump the brakes on his criticism of the Tigers:

Those “similar situations” McDonald is referring to could include the one at Louisville, where coach Rick Pitino was fired for similar allegations involving Brian Bowen (who ended up at South Carolina eventually). Vitale has been in Pitino’s corner since he was fired, so perhaps Wade’s biggest crime in Vitale’s eyes is that he isn’t a personal friend of the ESPN broadcaster.

Whatever the case, McDonald’s response is sure to be loved by LSU fans.