Ed Orgeron made headlines this week when he stated that “most” LSU players have caught COVID-19 this offseason. LSU athletic director Scott Woodward says Orgeron was being “too transparent” when he shared that information.

“The beauty of Coach O is that he’s transparent and honest to a fault. It’s a great thing,” Woodward said on a Zoom call with reporters, according to Baton Rouge TV reporter Harrison Golden.

“Coach O was a bit too transparent,” Woodward reiterated, per Golden.

Without revealing any numbers, Woodward commented more on football players catching the virus. The LSU athletic director believes players caught it socializing away from the practice field and the weight room.

“I think the vast majority of them have happened socially,” Woodward said, according to USA TODAY Network’s Glenn Guilbeau. “I don’t think they received it at practice or in our weight room.”

“I think the protocols are good,” Woodward added, per Guilbeau. “I think it’s just like with that demographic it happened in a fast way and a spike for the most part. Happened socially. That’s probably the vast majority of them. We don’t have them 24-7.”