These are unprecedented times we’re living in, with a coronavirus outbreak sweeping the globe and forcing people to remain indoors.

“The Paul Finebaum Show” returned to the air on SEC Network on Monday, and Finebaum had LSU AD Scott Woodward on the show to discuss the pandemic.

As you can hear in the clip below, Woodward provided a strong message about the resiliency of Louisiana citizens.

“The good news for us Louisianans having gone through Katrina and been through a major disaster is that we have a can-do spirit here,” Woodward said. “We’re very positive about things. We’re glass-half-full about it. Everyone I see is excited and positive, and I’m in the same boat. I see those trend lines. I’m positive and I’m hoping that things go well.”

The sooner we all do our part to fight this outbreak, the sooner we can return to as close to normal as possible. Great message from Woodward.