Texas A&M outscored LSU in the highest-scoring game in college football history on Saturday, 74-72, but everything was not over between the teams after the final whistle.

After the game, a skirmish began between assistant coaches on both sides, allegedly started by a Texas A&M staffer punching LSU analyst Steve Kragthorpe on the field during the postgame handshakes.

Kragthorpe, who has suffered from Parkinson’s disease since 2011, spoke to Glenn Guilbeau of the USA Today Network about the incident.

“Out of nowhere, I got nailed,” said Kragthorpe, “I didn’t go down, but I clutched over.

“I was like ‘damn, he got me in my pacemaker.’ Then it started fluttering like he jostled it.”

“I don’t appreciate getting punched in my pacemaker,” continued Kragthorpe. “I’m not feeling good right now. I have no idea who the guy is. But he was wearing an A&M shirt, and I think I saw him signaling during the game.

“He was credentialed, so A&M should know who he is.”

Reports surfaced alleging that the man who punched Kragthorpe was Cole Fisher, a nephew of Jimbo Fisher’s, but a Texas A&M representative came out to say he “has no idea who Cole Fisher is”.

LSU Director of Player Development Kevin Faulk continued the altercation in response to seeing Kragthorpe get punched, but Kragthorpe claims former LSU assistant and current Texas A&M wide receivers coach Dameyune Craig was the one who started everything.

“Dameyune Craig started the whole thing,” Kragthorpe said. “Just trash talking and yelling and screaming a bunch of crap.”

According to Guilbeau, Kragthorpe was looked at by Texas A&M medical officials after the incident, and will visit his neurologist on Monday.

The full story can be found here over at USA Today Sports.