In a show of fiscal responsibility, LSU’s administration has decided against building an on campus athlete-only nutrition center. The athlete dining hall has long been in the works at LSU but considering the state’s current financial crisis, breaking new ground on a new building doesn’t make much sense.

LSU deputy director of athletics in charge of projects Eddie Nunez announced the news, according to The Advocate.

“We said, ‘Are we doing the right thing fiscally? Does it make sense with the budget crisis going on?” Nunez was quoted as saying. “This space is already here. We’re trying to take that foundation and design (of the nutrition center) and bring it here.”

But don’t worry Tiger fans the nutrition will still be built, just not as its own building. As a 30,000 square foot space already exists inside Tiger Stadium and will be used to house the nutrition center. The cost of the project is will not reach the $12 million projected cost of constructing a new building on campus.

“We can spend the money in a more practical way with not having to construct a new building,” Nunez said. “The cost to run it every year is also cut in half.”

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