Ed Orgeron made his name as an assistant coach as a recruiter. Especially at Southern Cal to bring in defensive linemen, and there weren’t many prospects who turned him down, but one of them is now coaching with him at LSU.

New defensive line coach Andre Carter was introduced to the media on Tuesday and shared a candid story about how he turned down Orgeron and USC to play at Cal.

“That’s a dad question, Rubin Carter, you’ll have to ask my dad that,” Carter said with a laugh. “My dad said, ‘You ain’t going to USC,’ so I was like all right, you called it.”

Father may know best. After all, Rubin Carter played defensive tackle for the Miami Hurricanes from 1971-74 and for the Denver Broncos from 1975-86 before coaching in the NFL and college levels through 2015.

Andre Carter was a first-round NFL draft pick who played in the NFL for 13 seasons. He’s spent the last four years coaching in the NFL where he coached the defensive lines for the New York Jets the previous two seasons, and the the Miami Dolphins for two years before that.

Asked about Orgeron’s comments earlier Tuesday about getting more involved in the defense, and his background as a defensive line coach, Carter welcomed the idea.

“In general, I’ve always been a team player,” he said. “We both have a passion for defensive line. If anything, I’m learning from him. Here’s a man who’s been in the game for such a long period of time and hopefully I’m blessed enough to coach for as long as he has. It’s just an understanding of our roles, understanding of the foundation. But one thing that we do have in common is that we want to win and we’re very hard on our players. One thing we love is we both love watching film, and so it’s a great connection to have such a guy that’s so heavily involved in the defense because he takes pride in it. What coach who’s played it and now coached it does not want a guy like that, because that’s something he enjoys and brings energy and you want to continue to work hard for him and continue to be successful.”