LSU has found the Tiger who may be named its next live mascot, Mike VII.

A school release states that LSU’s Attending Veterinarian, David Baker, DVM, Ph.D., has identified a tiger at a rescue facility that could become Mike VII. This male rescue tiger has Siberian and Bengal characteristics, is 9 months old and weighs approximately 160 pounds.

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The tiger, currently at a sanctuary in Okeechobee, Fla., can be transported to Baton Rouge once updates are completed on the school’s tiger habitat. Once the tiger arrives, currently planned for mid-August, he will be kept in the night house for approximately one week for quarantine and acclimation. If the quarantine/acclimation period goes well, the tiger will be released into his yard, and officially declared Mike VII.

LSU will announce in advance the day and time that the tiger will be out in his yard for the first time.

Mike VI passed in October 2016 after battling cancer.

More information on LSU’s tigers can be found online at, as well as Facebook (, Twitter (@mikethetiger) and Instagram (@MikeTigerVI).