Nobody does hype videos quite like LSU. The Tigers’ video and social media teams wow fans on a weekly basis with intense, electric hype videos ahead of football Saturdays. For Monday’s national championship game, LSU couldn’t do just one hype video. The Tigers revealed plans to release three hype videos ahead of the clash with Clemson.

The three-part video series started off with a bang. On Thursday, LSU released Part I, narrated by New Orleans native and accomplished actor Anthony Mackie. How do you follow up Falcon and “Swag Surfin”? Glenn Dorsey.

The two-time All-American emphasizes the importance of finishing in a video featuring aerial shots of The Big Easy and a montage of LSU highlights mixed with some behind-the-scenes peeks at practice and the weight room. Dorsey is a fitting narrator, having helped the Tigers win their most recent national title in 2007.

LSU can finish the mission and make it a 15-0, national championship season on Monday night in NOLA with a win over No. 3 Clemson. Kickoff is set for 8 p.m. ET on ESPN.