Since Ed Orgeron was made LSU’s full-time head coach, many have wondered what kind of offensive system he would want to run. The pursuit of Alabama QB commit Tua Tagovailoa appeared to favor the spread offense, but with the hire of offensive coordinator Matt Canada, that’s no longer clear. Canada has found success with both dual-threat and pro-style quarterbacks.

At his Wednesday introductory press conference, Canada made it a clear that he’s willing to adapt his plays to a quarterback’s skill set, and that players matter more than plays.

What kind of quarterback does Canada want at LSU?

“The best quarterback. We got — plays are — we can all draw plays. Everybody in here and everybody in America can call plays, right? Everybody can call the right play after the play is over,” Canada said. “So, plays are overrated. The players you get win the games. Players win games, not plays. So we’re going to find the best player that we can who’s a winner, who is a student of the game, who’s accurate, and if he can — again, everybody asks that question.

“I would like him to be 6’6″, and run a 4.1 and throw the ball 100 yards and be the smartest person you ever met, but that doesn’t happen. We’re all blessed with different talents. Some of us are bigger, some of us are faster, some of us throw it better. We want to find the best players we can who fit Coach O’s philosophy, the excellence we have in this program, and we’ll find a way to score points with those players. As long as they’re a winner, as long as they’re a winner, we’ll find a way to win.”

Canada notably reached out to Myles Brennan, the No. 6 pro-style prospect of the 2017 class, Wednesday night. Brennan had re-opened his recruitment, but not officially decommitted, on Nov. 30.

As far as discussing LSU’s current roster, Canada didn’t offer a detailed assessment. He did, however, talk about some of his past pupils.

“Obviously, it’s been a quick process here. I was in with Coach O. yesterday. I’m aware of some of those guys, and certainly, through recruiting, as we all recruited different places we are. To start talking specifics, I think that would be unfair,” Canada said. “I’m very excited, again, to allow them to finish their season with where we are. We’ll get another win and we’ll get in and start dissecting what we’re going to do and put in our program. But there’s great players here, and I do believe we’ll find a way to always maximize our talents at quarterback. We’ve have running quarterbacks.

“I just coached Nate Peterson that came from another place. I think he had 28 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. The guy before that I coached, Jacoby Brissett, his two-year career ended in 44 touchdowns and 11 picks. He came from a place, too. So, I think we find what our guys do well, and I have great faith we’ll do that with the guys we have here. We have great pieces already in place.”

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