Former LSU quarterback Rohan Davey has blunt words to say about his alma mater.

Speaking with Matt Moscona of Gridiron Now, Davey offered an assessment of the Tigers that was as soft as a brick to the jaw.

“The blueprint is easy, man. The blueprint to stop LSU is easy,” he said. “It’s very easy because all teams are going to do is load the box, stop Leonard [Fournette] and then they’re going to dare the young quarterback that’s not really young anymore, but the unproven quarterback to prove it to them. It’s the blueprint.”

There’s not much to argue with here. Plenty of voices have called for LSU quarterback Brandon Harris to do more this season after he showed inconsistency during the Tigers’ 9-3 campaign last year.

Harris finished with 2,165 yards passing. But he struggled in big moments late in the season as part of a stretch when LSU lost three consecutive games to Alabama, Arkansas and Ole Miss. Fournette proved that he can’t carry the Tigers alone to the top of the SEC West.

Davey had more to say about Harris to Gridiron Now:

“They need him to understand that the position consists of you moving the football. He needs to be a point guard with this team, and when the time presents itself later on in the season when you’re playing against top competition, when they’re loading the box to stop Leonard, that’s when you have to perform and that’s when the guys around you, the receivers, the tight ends, that’s when it’s time to perform,” he said. “It’s not time to perform against Appalachian State and the teams at the beginning of the season. That’s not when you want to be prepared in the passing game to turn it on.”

Harris enters the season confident. Remember, he said in June that, “I feel like I have the best arm in college football, the best team in college football.”

Between that comment and others’ expectations for him, Harris should have his work cut out for him this fall.