LSU released its hype video for Saturday’s top 25 showdown with No. 8 Tennessee.

The Tigers recruited former offensive lineman T-Bob Hebert to provide the narration and clearly he was more than happy to do the honors.

“This ain’t no volunteering,” Hebert says. “We’ve got a job to do. We play chess, not checkers.”

Hebert proceeds to break a bunch of stuff with a sledgehammer, including an old box analog television. Where he found one of those…I have no clue.

Still the video is pretty awesome and certainly does the job.

History tells us that LSU has a five-game win streak over Tennessee, but the Volunteers still hold a 20-10-3 record over their on-again, off-again conference rival. LSU won the last meeting 30-10 way back in 2017.

The last time Tennessee won was in 2005, a 30-27 comeback win in Baton Rouge after the game was moved to a Monday night due to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.

This year’s kickoff is scheduled for noon eastern time. The game will be on ESPN.

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