Sexual assault allegations have been too prevalent on college campuses in recent years. Baylor, Florida State and SEC schools like Tennessee and Vanderbilt have been rocked by rape and other sexual violence scandals in the last few years.

In order to educate student-athletes and coaches about these issues, LSU will require sexual harassment sensitivity training, according to an article in The Advocate:

“There’s only two other schools doing this at the moment,” said LSU President F. King Alexander at a recent Board of Supervisors meeting where the initiative was announced. “They’re doing it in a reactive mode due to problems they’ve had. We’re implementing this in a proactive mode.”

Though athletes certainly aren’t the only ones committing sexual assaults on college campuses, they are visible and well-known members of their respective schools. LSU said that’s a good reason to start with that group:

“We’ve been actively educating student athletes and coaches for years,” said Eddie Nunez, deputy director of LSU athletics. “We understand what’s happening in the industry and in the world, and we want to be proactive to expand on training and education.”

By the end of this year, hopefully more than three colleges will have similar programs targeted at student-athletes and coaches.