It’s not often that a top 5 team receives some extra motivation ahead of a marquee game at home. But that’s what happened to LSU last week ahead of the Florida game when an ESPN analyst gave this assessment of QB Joe Burrow.

ESPN analyst Jonathan Vilma was on “College Football Live” last week to break down the big game. Vilma said he thought Florida’s defense would make Burrow look like a game manager at best.

“Joe Burrow needs time to throw the football,” Vilma said on ESPN. “Joe Burrow gets to sit back there against the Utah States of the world and then scan the defense. He goes and gets some water, and then he kind of looks at where he wants to throw the ball. And he finally makes a completion.

“His stats are amazing, yes. His offense is amazing, yes. His throws are great, but he won’t have time. Florida isn’t going to give it to him. Joe Burrow is going to look like a game manager at best against that Florida defense.”

Burrow leads the SEC in passing yards (2,157) and passing yards per game (359.5). Against Florida in a 42-28 win, Burrow was 21-for-24 passing for 293 yards and 3 touchdowns.

After that performance, LSU’s Twitter account responded with, “Didn’t look like much of a ‘Game Manager.'”