If you followed LSU last year, you might be familiar with young superfan Colton Moore, who has spina bifida.

Coach Ed Orgeron took a shine to Colton, celebrating with him after a big win over Utah State last season. Then, there was LSU fan Matt Porter, who won $10,000 by betting on Joe Burrow to win the Heisman, donated more than $3,000 to help the Moore family get a custom van for Colton.

Well, this week, it appears the van has finally been delivered to the family. Below, you can see a post with Colton coming out of the van. The post says every trip the family takes now will be so much easier:

And, of course, the post mentions that Colton can’t wait to take the van to Tiger Stadium to watch his beloved team play.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see Colton at an LSU game this fall.

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