LSU’s special season now includes another touching moment from one LSU fan to another.

LSU fan Matt Porter, who bet $50 on QB Joe Burrow to win the Heisman Trophy at 200/1 odds in the summer, won $10,000 on the bet. Now Porter will be donating some of his winnings to a worthy cause, according to Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger.

Porter plans to donate more than $3,000 of his post-taxed winnings to a GoFundMe account connected to Colton Moore, a 9-year-old LSU superfan living in Odenville, Alabama who has spina bifida. The donation from Porter will exceed the GoFundMe account’s goal of $15,000 by $1, and will be used as a down payment for a handicap accessible van.

“Any kid who lives in Alabama and loves LSU deserves our love back,” Porter said.

The donation — $3,228 to be exact —  will be used by the family as a down payment on a wheel chair accessible van.

Moore’s story became known in October when the LSU football program opened its doors to him and his parents so the child could meet his hero: LSU coach Ed Orgeron.

“He seems like the sweetest kid in the world, and he lives smack dab in the middle of Alabama and came to find love for LSU,” Porter said. “Any kid who lives in Alabama and loves LSU deserves our love back. His love is genuine. He cares about the team and Coach O. He deserves my money.”