LSU’s K.J. Malone almost left the team to become a U.S. Marshall


Many SEC football players grapple with a decision to stay for their senior year or leave to pursue their passion. For most of those talented players, the NFL Draft is enticing, but for LSU’s K.J. Malone, it was another career path that nearly saw him leave Baton Rouge this spring.

Malone always wanted to be a U.S. Marshall, and Ross Dellenger of The Advocate reported that the Tigers’ left tackle was much closer to leaving this offseason than many thought.

Due to the deaths of officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge recently, Malone felt a responsibility greater than football.

“Just because all of the stuff going on this summer with the cops,” Malone told The Advocate, “it made me want to help the community and help the world.”

The big offensive lineman comes from a family with military roots. His grandfather and uncle were in the Air Force. Even his famous father, Karl “the Mailman” Malone, was set on an armed services career before he was sniffed out of Louisiana Tech and drafted by the Utah Jazz.

After the aforementioned shootings, K.J. told his father, “Yeah, Dad. I want to be part of the group defending our national monuments. That’s the front line of freedom. We defend what’s ours.”

But at a small gathering at his family’s home in Ruston, Malone announced that he would return to the Tigers.

It boiled down to finishing what he started at LSU for the younger Malone, one of LSU’s oldest players. The fifth-year senior is nearly alone in a roster that churns out NFL talent. He is the last remaining offensive lineman from his 2013 signing class, and his focus remains on guiding the young talent and helping the Tigers compete for national titles.

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  • Good on him for wanting to serve. That would be a heck of sight to see a 6’4″ 302lbs U.S. Marshall, although I’m sure they would have slim down a bit.

  • He has a chance to play at the next level, so it seems a little odd that he would seriously think of leaving early for the US Marshall’s without at least declaring for the draft. Either his desire for money or his love for the game is not what most others are. Nothing wrong with either. Unlike many of these other players, he has never been poor, or even close. I expect him to be successful at life. That’s a great thing.

  • He can pursue the U.S. Marshals all he wants but he doesn’t even come close to what they’re looking for in applicants. Of the last 33,000 applicants in 2015, those who were selected hold college degrees, were former military, and have held, or are still employed with, a federal agency. I don’t know K.J. Malone but I don’t think he fits the bill. He may be 6foot 7foot 12 and full of muscle but the bona fide U.S. Marshals are looking for people with an education, law enforcement experience, and overall life experience.