The COVID-19 pandemic has canceled sports across the globe. And, although there are more important things to worry about than sports in times like these, there are also challenges being faced by athletes.

On Friday evening, ESPN NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. joined SportsCenter to discuss likely No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow and the challenges he faces.

Burrow, who will likely be taken by the Cincinnati Bengals, will be hurt by not being able to work with his new receivers all offseason, Kiper explained (via 247Sports):

“It’ll be tough,” Kiper said Friday. “It’s a tough spot to be in right now. Think about getting in sync with your receivers. That’s the first thing Peyton Manning wanted to do, as soon as they were drafted or brought in as a free agent, and Joe Burrow’s not going to have that opportunity.

“You think about — the receiving corps’s pretty talented there. There’s A.J. Green, there’s John Ross, Tyler Boyd, but that opportunity’s not there. You can be like, ‘Well, he’s got time to digest a playbook, the verbiage, get all that down.’ But time spent, like I said, getting the timing down with those receivers is something that (Burrow won’t get).”

Kiper also cited new quarterbacks like Tom Brady in Tampa Bay and Philip Rivers in Indianapolis as guys who will be hurt by not being able to work with their new receivers.

How will Burrow fare this fall? Well, first, the important thing will be beating this pandemic so we can have a season at all.