UPDATE: LSU has responded to the viral video of Odell Beckham Jr. giving cash to players. 

There weren’t too many former LSU players more excited to celebrate the national championship than Odell Beckham Jr. The Cleveland Browns wide receiver was at the LSU-Clemson title game, and on the field amid the confetti.

But he drew a lot of attention for having a wad of cash, and handing it out to players like WRs Jordan Jefferson and Jontre Kirklin. Beckham likely broke NCAA rules by handing the cash to the players, but he didn’t seem to mind in the moment, and no one around the players stepped in to stop it.

There’s hardly ever a dull moment with Beckham around, and he proved it once again with this gesture, which is likely to draw further attention from the NCAA and LSU compliance offices. Perhaps the LSU officials made sure the players didn’t leave with the money?

Later, in the locker room, Beckham said he would sell Jefferson’s cleats for $200,000.

For his part, Jefferson had a big game in the win, with nine catches for 106 yards. Ja’Marr Chase led the SEC Tigers with nine catches for 221 yards.

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