Some Alabama fans were not pleased with the call made on LSU receiver Thaddeus Moss’ impressive catch late in the first half on Saturday.

Moss had a 16-yard catch at the Alabama 1-yard line, which required incredible footwork to keep one foot inbounds. However, both of Moss’ feet were out of bounds before Joe Burrow’s throw arrived, which normally would be called for a penalty for a player leaving the field and coming back before catching the ball.

The SEC officials’ Twitter account clarified the call, however, stating that because Moss was forced out of bounds due to contact from a defender, he was allowed to re-establish position on the field and make a legal catch.

Here’s a look at the play in question:

It may not be exactly clear how much of an impact Alabama cornerback Trevon Diggs had on Moss going out of bounds, but it was an impressive play by the LSU receiver either way. Three plays later, the Tigers scored a touchdown to continue their huge first half against the Crimson Tide.