One thing is clear: ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is not making many friends in Louisiana.

In a season where he started the year speaking to the Alabama football team, Smith has closed the season with a full-throated rant in support of Clemson winning the national championship.

He began the rant in dramatic fashion, after a short clip from Clemson coach Dabo Swinney requesting Smith’s pick.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me say this. I’ve been sleeping on LSU for a long time,” he said. “I gotta confess. You got me with the Alabama joint. I had to show up at the corner of SEC Network with my boy Swagu and the crew, and I had to give LSU props. Great, great year. Great year, no doubt. But it ends tonight!”

Stammering around the set and pointing at former LSU players Ryan Clark and Marcus Spears, Smith said, “I’m rolling with Clemson. It ain’t just because of Trevor Lawrence. It ain’t just because of (Travis) Etienne. It ain’t just because (Justyn) Ross is going to put it on y’all the way he put it on Alabama last year. Let me tell y’all why y’all gonna fall. You got too many people bloviating a little too much, especially these two.”

Smith went on to say he wouldn’t pick the same team as Clark and Spears, noted LSU supporters.

“It is time to shut y’all’s mouth once and for all,” Smith said.