honored former LSU coach Les Miles with an “SEC Shorts” video Monday.

The video shows fans of different SEC teams slow clapping in the wide-spread finger motion Miles did throughout his tenure in Baton Rogue.

In 2013, the former LSU coach explained his reasoning for the unorthodox clapping to the New York Times.

Miles explained the evolution of his distinctive manner of clapping, which often involves his being hunched over as he smacks his palms together with his fingers spread wide. As it turns out, it is all about preventing injury. “You can’t be soft-handed; it has to be an aggressive clap,” he said before a demonstration. “You keep your fingers out so that you don’t get them caught in between, you know what I’m saying? If you get them in between here”—he gestured to the area between his fingers—“it can be an ineffective clap and you can get hurt. Injuries can occur if you don’t keep your fingers spread.”

Miles was fired by LSU Sunday four games into his 12th season with the program. He led the Tigers to a 114-34 (62-28 SEC) record during his tenure, which included a national championship in 2007, as well as two SEC Championships and BCS Championship Game appearances (2007, 2011).

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