It’s no secret that former LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is a fan of end-zone celebrations. One thing he doesn’t like, though?


Yes, you read that right. The All-Pro wide receiver, who ironically requires sideline IVs during some games to prevent cramping, doesn’t like water.

After the odd comment, Beckham Jr. gave a simple reason for his disliking water: slushiness.

“I really don’t like water,” said. “I’m trying, I really just don’t like it, when you get that stomach feeling, it’s all slushy … Sometimes I just gotta get an IV.”

Beckham reportedly left a practice because of cramps in 2017, and he made an early trip to the locker room in 2016 against the Eagles.

While funny, cramping can be a serious matter in football. So, despite his feelings toward fluids, it’s likely that Beckham won’t avoid them anytime soon if he wants to stay healthy.

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