On Sunday night, the LSU Tigers announced that basketball coach Will Wade had been reinstated after being suspended for the SEC and NCAA Tournaments.

This is huge news for the Tigers, who won the SEC regular-season title this season and have lots of momentum heading into next season. Yes, there’s still the issue with the FBI wiretap Wade was allegedly caught on, but for now, he’s back at his post.

After the news broke, he issued a statement. In an email from the university, Wade thanked the LSU administration for reinstating him and apologized for not clearing things up sooner:

“I am humbled and grateful to be back at LSU. I would like to express my appreciation to President F. King Alexander and Athletic Director Joe Alleva for my reinstatement, and I sincerely apologize to the university and our fans for the disruption to the University and the program.

“I regret the circumstances that prevented me from meeting with the University sooner. I wish I could have addressed these issues when the University first requested a meeting, and I’m grateful they gave me the opportunity to do so last week.

“I completely understand that without my denying or explaining the media reports accusing me of wrongdoing LSU was left with no choice but to suspend me until I was willing and able to meet with them. Any other course of action would have put the program and the University at risk.

“I look forward to re-joining the team right away. I intend to sit down with my student-athletes and co-workers to explain what has happened during the last 30 days and how I intend for us all to move forward.

“I promise to devote all of my energy into preparing for next season and finishing the job we have started at LSU.”

What’s the next step in the FBI investigation? We’ll find out soon, as the trial date is quickly approaching.

For now, though, Wade will try to hit the recruiting trails and find some guys who can help replace some of the talent LSU will lose to the NBA this offseason.