Ed Orgeron was on the sidelines for 2 of the best college football players in at least a generation.

During a visit with radio host Dan Patrick this week, Orgeron shared who’d he rather have between former LSU great Joe Burrow and former Southern Cal star Reggie Bush.

“I like Reggie, but what Joe Burrow did for us at LSU, he’s the greatest player, in my opinion, in LSU history,” Orgeron said in an interview that aired on Friday. “But to have a quarterback, to win the championship, you need a great quarterback. I learned that from Jimmy Johnson. Get a great quarterback, who’s smart and tough, and get a great defensive line.”

Patrick also asked Orgeron who was more important in recruiting, Burrow, or former star WR Ja’Marr Chase.

Orgeron said Chase was committed to Florida from the state of Louisiana, but he needed a quarterback.

“Joe set the tempo for everybody,” Orgeron said. “So I got to say it’s Joe, but that’s a hard question.”

Orgeron then re-told a now popular story of Burrow’s recruitment and how he said all he wanted to do was talk football and eat crawfish. Orgeron was amazed by Burrow’s knowledge, and in a meeting of LSU coaches, Burrow was the most knowledgeable.

“I figured out immediately that Joe was the smartest person in that room, including me, Steve Ensminger, who did a great job as offensive coordinator, Jerry Sullivan, 74-years-old had been in the NFL for years,” Orgeron said.

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